Practice Tools

This collection of tools and resources includes efficient ways to access current immunization information and recommendations, strategies for increasing vaccination coverage, and materials to support communication with patients and parents about vaccine benefits and risks.


Point-of-Care Tools


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The Importance of Adult Immunizations: A Handout for Patients
This downloadable and printable tool offers true stories about adults and vaccine-preventable illnesses, and provides a summary of recommended vaccines for adults.

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Tips for Improving Adult Immunization Coverage
This downloadable and printable tool offers data on immunization coverage rates for adults, frequently cited barriers to adult immunization, the importance of provider recommendations concerning adult immunizations, and several systems-based approaches that can positively impact immunization rates.

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Putting Vaccine Benefits and Risks into Perspective for Patients and Parents
This downloadable slide collection features important information designed to assist clinicians when discussing vaccine safety and benefits with patients, parents, community groups, etc. Material authored by Gary S. Marshall, MD, University of Louisville School of Medicine.

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Putting Vaccine Benefits and Risks into Perspective: Talking Points for Discussions with Parents
Downloadable and printable, this two-page flyer offers talking points for clinicians to use with parents when confronted with parental concerns about vaccine safety.

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Below are tools pertinent to immunization topics.

PROTECT™ Myth Busters/FAQs
This tool addresses patient/caregiver barriers and recommended communication targeted toward shared goals for immunization improvement across the age spectrum.
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PROTECT™ Rapid Recap
A bulleted, quick-reference summary in downloadable PDF format to reinforce important clinical issues.
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PROTECT™ Expert Faculty Newsletter -- Strategies for Improving Immunization Rates
A current overview of immunization goals, current vaccine coverage, barriers to immunization, and evidence-based strategies for improving immunization rates in downloadable PDF format.
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