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The PROTECT™ (SupPorting AppROpriate ImmunizaTions Across the AgE SpeCTrum) Slide Library features an extensive collection of expert faculty slides on childhood, adolescent, and adult immunizations and immunization strategies.

Childhood Immunizations


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Pneumococcal Disease in Children: P.S. It Matters
Topics include pneumococcal disease, risk factors, efficacy of PCV in children, expanded serotype coverage with PCV13, current recommended immunization schedules, future developments, barriers to immunization, and strategies for improving immunization rates.
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Putting Vaccine Benefits and Risks into Perspective for Patients and Parents
This downloadable slide collection features important information designed to assist clinicians when discussing vaccine safety and benefits with patients, parents, community groups, etc. Material authored by Gary S. Marshall, MD, University of Louisville School of Medicine.
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Practical Approaches for Optimizing Childhood Immunization Rates
Topics include childhood vaccination schedules, catch-up schedules, new and updated recommendations, alternative schedules, safety, strategies for improving immunization rates, and resources.
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General Principles for Immunizations
Topics include federal requirements, vaccination guidelines, administration, contraindications, and screening.
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Adolescent Immunizations


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Strategies for Improving Adolescent Immunization Rates

Topics include adolescent vaccination schedules, catch-up schedules, vaccination coverage rates, recommendations, HPV catch-up case scenario, other vaccines, general reminders, contraindications, safety, barriers, resources, and strategies.
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Adult Immunizations


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Narrowing the Gap in Vaccine Coverage Among Adults

Topics include the recommendations for current vaccines, the current burden of vaccine-preventable diseases among adults, specific patients at greatest risk for these vaccine-preventable diseases, strategies for improving immunization rates within one's clinical practice, information on addressing immunization barriers, and resources for providers and patients.
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Tactics for Increasing Immunization Coverage Among Adults

Topics include adult immunization schedule, new and updated recommendations, immunization coverage rates, tetanus, pertussis, HPV, zoster case scenario, pregnant female case scenario, influenza, pneumococcal, hepatitis A & B, MMR, improving vaccination rates, updates, strategies, and resources.
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